Which business is best in the future?

Thinking of the future is daunting, more so when contemplating the future of business in this ever-changing, technologically advanced world. But while it can be a bit scary, it can never hurt to plan and take advantage of potential businesses that will be hot in years to come. Most of our day-to-day transactions can now be made online so we can only assume that the world of business will continue in its technology and web-based path. In this article, our team gathered some of the best up-and-coming online and e-commerce business ideas that’ll surely do well in the future. 


Who are the biggest spenders of the next decade?

While planning for your future business, we argue that one of the most important things to consider is your target market. Who will have the biggest hold in the market in the foreseeable future? According to CB Insights, millennials and Gen Zers are becoming the most impactful and influential spenders of the next decade, therefore if you want to succeed in your future business venture, catching the attention and indulging in the interests of these two generations is the way to go. 


Best online business ideas 

Instagram Consulting

Is your phone glued to your hand? Do you want to make money off of it? Are you tech-savvy and knowledgeable enough about the art of hashtags and the ways of Instagram? Most businesses aren’t aware of the power of Instagram as a marketing platform or are yet to unlock its full potential. Seize this opportunity and start a career in Instagram consulting to help businesses expand their market and attract prospective customers by creating attractive video ads, writing engaging content, tapping social media influencers, and a lot more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 Venturing into the world of SEO will open a lot of opportunities and possibilities. As we mentioned earlier, daily life is becoming more and more online. People log in on the internet to search for the best restaurants in the area or what they should have for dessert. Is professional carpet cleaning worth it? Where can I buy manga books online? Thousands upon thousands of website owners need the service of SEO experts to improve the search engine ranking of their content. A good way to start is concentrating on a specific niche, such as education or healthcare, and building your portfolio. With retainer fees of $501-$1,000 monthly, mastering the trade of SEO to rack in a steady stream of clients is turning out to be a lucrative business of the future.

Physical and Virtual Office Planners

The global pandemic has changed the way we will work forever. More companies are allowing their staff to work from home. As such there is a thriving demand for people who can consult on laying out the optimal home office setting. This is also driving demand for Home Office Fitout Contractors who can build beautiful offices that promote productivity in people’s own homes.

Website Flipping

Do you have sick website design and building skills? A relatively new business idea, website flipping, much like flipping houses, includes acquiring an already existing website, renovating its features, and finally putting it back in the market for a quick profit. Some of the website-flipping platforms where you can buy and sell websites and domains for the right price are Flippa and Trademysite.


 With the circumstances brought about by the COVID pandemic, a lot of customers are now shifting towards online shopping prompting the rise of more and more online businesses. Do you want to set up your own online store but don’t have the resources to produce your own goods? You might wanna try dropshipping. Dropshipping is the process of acting as a middleman between customers and the main supplier. Customers place their orders in your store, you forward their requests to your main supplier, and they in turn package and send the products directly to your buyers! It’s simple and hassle-free, especially for budding small-business owners.

Educational Courses

Knowledge is a lifelong journey, therefore there is never a shortage of people who are eager to learn a new skill or two. What are you good at? Offer educational services through podcasts, video tutorials, or one-on-one/group tutoring and charge students. Build a website to centralize everything. You can focus on teaching software proficiency classes such as Powerpoint or Excel for aspiring freelancers and business owners, language classes, or more traditional courses for students who need help understanding their subjects, all depending on your expertise. Once your business has taken off, you can even start sourcing other instructors to cater to your expanding clientele. 


What are you waiting for? Start jotting down those ideas running through your head and plan the next best business of the future!